Slang words for a Coward Person – English Speaking Lesson ( Vocabulary)

Slang words for a Coward Person – English Speaking Lesson ( Vocabulary)
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Being a coward is a character trait which means someone who is extremely fearful or is afraid to do something. We all come across coward people. In this lesson you will learn some slang words those you can use among your friends to describe a coward person.

1) Pansy – Formerly a woman. If you call a man pansy it means he is weak and effeminate.

2) Sissy – The word is derived from sister (sis) and is used to call a man who is very girly ,effeminate and weak.

3) Chicken/ Chikenshit – In English we commonly use animal comparison to describe the attributes of people. If someone's chicken or chickenshit it means they always get scared easily.

4) Cry Baby – Common insult for a person who whines too much and is always afraid to do things.

5) Mama's Boy – If you call someone a Mama's boy it basically means they need their mothers to protect them or they are overly attached to their mothers and cannot take their own decisions.

6) Cream Puff – It is a pastry filled with custard or whipped cream and is used as insult as it denotes femininity.

7) Pigeon hearted – Again this is a slang used for a person who gets scared very easily.

8) Grow a pair of balls – It is quite a vulgar term and it literally means that having testicles is being masculine. So if you say Grow a pair of balls it actually means be a man and don't be a coward.

9) Gutless – Having guts (organs) is generally used as a term of endearment for someone who is very brave so being gutless refers to one's cowardice.

10) Worm – This term is commonly used by the Army people for cowards.

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