English Slang: fresh from the bakery!

Want to know the REAL ENGLISH that people use? Today I'll teach you a bunch of common slang words that we use in English. You'll hear these words in social conversations and in movies. You've probably already heard many of these words and expressions, but you didn't know their slang meaning. The funny thing is that all the words I'm teaching you come from the bakery – pies, buns, dough, muffins, and more. English speakers come up with some interesting slang! Let me teach you the meaning of these slang words so you can speak English like a native speaker. Look at his buns!!! Note: this lesson is 100% gluten free!
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Hey, guys. Ready to learn some more slang? Do you like bread? Mm-hmm. We eat a lot of bread in Canada, and sometimes when we eat bread, bread actually means money. I'm going to teach you about slang. "Going To The Bakery". For some strange weason… Weason. Reason, we have a lot of slang words about toast. I guess we love toast.

I'd like to share with you the magic of toast. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a lovely piece of bread. However, there is a magic machine called a toaster, and you put the bread into the toaster, and doo-doo-doo-doo, it becomes toast. So, toast and bread are very different. Toast is heated. Bread that's delicious, and bread is just bread. So, let's go on and learn some slang, slang, slang about bread and toast.

The first one is "bread" means "money". Also, the word "dough". Now, this pronunciation is strange, it looks like "douhug-ha", but it's actually just "dough". So, you will hear in movies: "Hey, you got the dough?" And you're like: "Are they making a pizza? Why are these bad guys making a pizza?" They're not actually making a pizza. They're talking about money.

This actual part of the bread that I have… Bread is sold in a "loaf". I'll teach you about loaf after, but actually, this part of the bread that I have is called the "heel" of the bread, h-e-e-l. This means it's the last piece of the bread or the end of the bread. So, the heel of the bread is the last piece. Usually… Or the first piece. Usually people don't eat this one. I don't know. Poor heel of the bread. "Heel" also has a slang meaning, it means a bad person. So, if you say: "He's a heel", or: "She's a heel", it generally means they're bad people. So, "heel" means a bad person.

As I told you before, we have the word "loaf". "Loaf" means the quantity of bread, but English slang is so crazy, we've made it dirty for you. "Loaf", you will hear people say: "Pinch a loaf". So maybe you're watching TV or watching a movie, or your Canadian friend says: "Hey, guys, I got to pinch a loaf." Pinch, pinch a loaf? Why are you touching my bread? "Pinch a loaf" actually means go to the toilet and go poo. Yay, or take a shit. So: "Pinch a loaf" means you actually have to poo, not anything to do with pinching my piece of bread, here.

Another word: "roll". "Roll" is like a piece of bread that's rolled up. It looks like this a lot. This, in slang, means "go" or "leave". So you will hear people say: "Let's roll." You'll be like: "Rolling, rollercoaster". "Roll" just means a piece of bread, but it means: "Let's go! Come on, now, let's go."

And "bun" is a hair style where all the hair is on the top of your head or near the back of your head. It's really popular for women, but it's becoming popular for men if they have long hair. It looks like a bun, too. Would you like this bread? It's delicious. "Buns" in the plural mean your bum or your rear end. So, if you're walking down the street and someone says: "Hey, nice buns." It means your rear end, your buttocks, or your bum. So it's a compliment. -"Nice buns." -"Why, thank you." "Bun in the oven" means that the person is pregnant, so they have a bun in the oven. The oven would be the uterus, I guess, and the bun would be the baby. Again, I'm not too sure how these words came about in slang, but they did.

The next one when you're going to the bakery store… A bun is like a roll. Buns and rolls are very quite similar. If you have a hamburger, it's the bread that you put between the meat. So a bun and a roll, almost the same thing, but a muffin's different. So, "bun", really, is the bread of a hamburger, but it can be a hairstyle or your rear end. Now, "bun in the oven".

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