Confusing word pairs in English – Free Spoken English Lesson

Confusing word pairs in English – Free Spoken English Lesson

Some words In English will confuse you because you may feel that their meanings are the same. But the truth is that it’s actually quite the opposite. It is important that you don’t get confused anymore by understanding their difference and using the words in the right way-AT THE RIGHT PLACE IN A SENTENCE. Let’s have a look at a few of them:


Deny- Say something isn’t true, or that you dint do something

Mary denied gossiping about her friend, she said she didn't do it

Refuse-Not do something, or say firmly that you will NOT do it

The little boy refused to eat dinner

Staff / Employees

Staff and employees have the same meaning i.e -people who work for a company. But they are not going to be used in the same way while writing a sentence because of the following:

Staff-singular and uncountable noun to refer to an entire group of workers

Employees-plural and countable noun referring to the collection of individual workers


Interfere-something comes in between or affects a situation and you don’t want it to-negative word

I wish my boyfriend would stop interfering in my career choices

Intervene-when someone affects a situation in a good way-positve way of coming in the middle of a situation

Joes’ mother intervened when he had a drug addiction problem



Trouble -uncountable

I’m having a problem with my handset
I’m having trouble with my handset

We have two major problems
We have major trouble

Suppose-think, believe, imagine, expect

I suppose she won’t be answering her phone this late at night

Supposed to-something should be done, but wasn’t
You’re supposed to be leaving two hours earlier so that you make it in time for the airport


Change-become different

Switch-start using, doing one thing and start doing another

She needs a change in her personality

I want to switch from an android to an Iphone

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