Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

Should President be capitalized? Is our children learning? This video explains some of the most common grammar mistakes:

After you've completed an article, it's very important to carefully proofread for typos and grammar mistakes. IVN's Editors will look for and correct the occasional typo or grammatical error that may slip by you, but will not take the time to heavily edit a submission with too many errors.

Before setting your In Progress article to Ready to Publish status using the publish form near the top of the right sidebar on the Edit Page, you should make sure that it is in fact, publish ready. While the following list is not comprehensive, here are some of the most common grammar mistakes to avoid:

Remember to never use double spaces between sentences. This is an outdated convention from the era of typewriters and although it is still common, all English manuals of style now consider it incorrect for any kind of writing.

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