Choosing English Accents, Getting Feedback, and Similar Vowel Sounds (Ask Jack from To Fluency #1) – In this first episode of "Ask Jack from To Fluency" I talk about which English accent to learn, how to know if you're making mistakes, and how to learn the different vowel sounds.

Q1: (1:04) – Accents
Q2: (2:42) – Getting Feedback
Q3: (4:03) – Vowel Sounds

//// SUMMARY ////

The accent that you learn will depend on your circumstances. However, you might want to try different accents too, especially if you're going to be listening to different types of English. And remember, there are other things to consider when learning a specific type of English.

It's important to get feedback on your speaking to know if you're making mistakes. This might not always be possible, but getting feedback will help you improve your English.

It's important to learn the different vowel sounds in English. Doing this will help you express yourself more freely, and help you speak better English. Here is a great tool to help you say the different sounds in English:


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